Our mission - Your vision - Executed Perfectly.
We provide a 3D photo realistic render of the purchase Product or Service.
So you know exactly what your paying for.

  • No Outsourcing
  • No massive retail mark-ups
  • No middle man
  • No hidden cost or commissions
  • Customized product or service size perfectly to space.

15 Years

Creating Luxury for Everyone
Designing – Building – Installation
of Kitchens, Stairs, Bathrooms, Basements Powder Metal & Stone Gazebos etc…

Certification Of Guarantee

Save Money Live your Dream. Pricing unmatched anywhere.

  • Painting + Staining --- $200 Cash Rebate Voucher exceeding $2000
  • Dry-walling Mudding & Taping --- On site quote
  • Framing --- On site quote
  • Pop Corn Ceiling Removal --- On site quote
  • 3 year Warranty on our Services
  • See voucher and Referral for even greater savings.
Value and Quality

Our website is a perfect reflection of our work
What you should demand: Standard of Excellence


What you should expect: Sustainability


Timeless Elegance



What you can come to expect!

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Great experience goes beyond just Quality, Craftsmanship, unparalleled pricing & customer services. At MCDC the customer is always right, so we get it done at your pace – on your time – within your timeframe – at your discretion.


    Renovated Property -New Build - Commerical – Basement.

    We take an idea - and through our Blueprint we custom designed our product or services perfectly to fit any Space.

    We take your space - and we provide a beautiful photo realistic 3D Rendering that perfectly reflect the personality of the owner, down to the smallest of detail.

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    What you can come to expect!

    MCDC goal is to brilliantly and flawlessly design & execute that product that offers that “wow factor”.

    That Timeless elegance that perfectly capture the functionality, durability, sustainability, perfectly reflecting the vision of its owner down to the smallest of details.

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    True Builder Pricing - UP TO 50% OFF

    No markups, No hidden fees, No added incentive or value to Modern Custom Design Canada.
    Just another way we sacrifice Pricing for Quality and Value

    Service + Quality & Value = Creating Luxury For Everyone

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    You might be eligible for a Free 3D Photo Realistic Image Design of your Painting Services Terms & Conditions apply.
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    No Markups, No hidden Fees, No added incentives are value to MCDC.

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      Great experience goes beyond just Quality, Craftsmanship, unparalleled pricing & customer services, and while our customer appreciates being informed, educated and assisted. They want their product our services to be done or delivered. At their pace – On their time – Within their timeframe – At their discretion. MCDC is North America #1 choice, because we understand in order to brilliantly, flawlessly executed any task – you must first recognized the goal of your customer.

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